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Embrace the future of remote patient monitoring with i-Virtual.

Our leading product, Caducy, is the first CE marked solution for contactless measuring vital signs with a webcam.


Vital signs monitored 

Caducy measures health data thanks to a 30 seconds video selfie. The video stream is analyzed with rppg, advanced AI and deep learning algorithms, including computer vision technology and signal processing.
In 30 seconds, Caducy gives users their: Heart Rate, Breathing Rate, Stress Level, HRV and more to come.


Empower your solution with Caducy and deliver a high-quality customer experience

Caducy, is the best home vitals monitor and a real-time health data provider.
Caducy is based on a unique mix of advanced technologies. Contacless photoplethysmography (rPPG), signal analysis and AI allow the detection and collection of periodic waves corresponding to the pulse wave on the surface of a human face via a video signal. Our video-based solution delivers consistent results in just 30 seconds.

Physiological measurement made easy

The simplicity of operation allows you to use our tools independently, anywhere, anytime

Just sit back and relax

Take a selfie for about 30 seconds to a minute

Immediately check the results

Ready to embrace the future of healthcare?

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