Before introducing its solutions to the market, i-Virtual has tested, challenged and studied them to demonstrate their effectiveness, reliability and security.

Clinical trials completed

Caducy has been the subject of a first clinical trial on more than 1000 patients at the Nancy University Hospital.

The main objective of this first trial was to evaluate the concordance between the monitoring obtained by Caducy (Heart Rate and Respiratory Rate) in reference to the standard acquisition measurements.

The second clinical trial completed focused on the Evaluation of a New System for Heart Rate Measurement.

Clinical trials underway

Evaluation of Mobile App to Assist in Pediatric Triage.


i-Virtual is ISO 13485:2016 compliant. This standard specifies the quality management system requirements for the medical device industry.  

Caducy, the medical device provided by i-Virtual is CE certified Class IIa under MDR 2017/745.



Our team has registered 2 patents.

The first one concerns Image processing for the determination of a physiological parameter.

The second concerns the method and device for estimating blood pressure.