i-Virtual is the French specialist in the detection of vital signs by camera. Using advanced signal analysis
and artificial intelligence techniques such as deep learning and photoplethysmography, to provide an
innovative solution, which measures vital signs remotely, contactless and with a smartphone. In order
to support its technical developments, its clinical trials and its commercial deployment in Europe, the
start-up and pioneer in its field, closed a €2.5M round led by Elaia and Majycc eSanté.

A health check-up in 30 seconds all thanks to a selfie
As a result of five years of research and development, the vital signs measurement device developed by
i-Virtual allows you to perform a medical check-up in less than 30 seconds by taking a simple selfie.
Referred to as "fascinating" by beta-testers, the i-Virtual medical device is currently in clinical study at the
University Hospital of Nancy, France.
With this SaaS AI software that enables the measurement of six physiological variables (heart rate,
respiratory rate, blood pressure, SpO2, heart rate variability and stress level), i-Virtual transforms your
laptop or smartphone into a medical-grade device all thanks to your camera. Using signal analysis and
artificial intelligence techniques such as the photoplethysmography will allow i-Virtual to have a pulse
wave, which will determine the variables. Accurate and with no need for maintenance, this solution will
bring a new perspective of the teleconsultation by transforming it into a real clinical examination, thus
reinforcing the interest of telemedicine solutions among healthcare personnel. At the same time, it
answers the strong desire for patient autonomy by offering a solution that can be integrated into any
telemedicine platform (remote monitoring or care platform).
With a strong university base and a high proportion of its team focused on R&D, i-Virtual's developments
focus on the search for new variables that can be measured by camera and on the early detection of
pathologies resulting from the analysis of these variables. (Cardiac arrhythmia, hypertension, Chronic
Respiratory Diseases etc…).

A fast-growing market of e-health with a potential 450 million patients
On the rise, the digital health market is expected to reach $235 billion by 2023 (Frost & Sullivan), driven 
by an aging of the global population and a surge in chronic disease.
In this rapidly changing healthcare access market, tools that measure vital parameters (watches, patches 
and other IoTs) are clearly one of the strongest trends, the appeal of which is reinforced by the problems 
caused by the current pandemic.
Currently, in the process of getting a CE label as a medical device, i-Virtual aims to become the European 
leader in the contactless measurement of vital signs. This on-progress certification will allow access to a 
market of 450 million patients who are now used to teleconsultation in this particularly difficult period of 
pandemic. Once obtained, i-Virtual will launch outside the borders of Europe with very strong global 
“It is obvious that we think about the US market given their enormous health needs. But our ambition is 
to go further by offering a disruptive solution that will provide a part of the answers to the global problems 
of access to care” Gaël Constancin, CEO of i-Virtual.

A support to match the ambitions
The €2.5M fundraise led by Elaia, the leading European deep tech fund, and by MAJYCC, the Venture 
Capital fund specializing in e-health, will help reach the CE certification and deploy the European market.
To do so, i-Virtual will be hiring, in 2021, no less than 15 talents in all sectors: research, development, 
marketing, sales and administration.
“We are proud to back i-Virtual up, which brings a wealth of technology and innovation packed into a 
unique and seamless solution for contactless vital signs monitoring, which we think is key to mass adoption 
of the telemedicine practice by both doctors and patients. We have been impressed since day 1 by the 
speed of execution of Gaël and his team. Stay tuned for further great announcements in the coming 
months on the clinical side!” Benoit Georis Investment Director of Elaia.
"As experts in the field of health, we are convinced that the artificial intelligence solution offered by i-Virtual 
considerably enriches the teleconsultation which has come into practice because of the Covid-19. 
The i-Virtual solution provides proven medical vital signs via a simple smartphone screen, to help doctors 
in their remote diagnosis. This opens up considerable opportunities in terms of securing the diagnostics of 
virtual care platforms but also of monitoring patients by telemonitoring. i-Virtual has become a game 
changer, to the benefit of the patient's health. We are delighted to support its exceptional team in their 
development" Pauline de Breteuil, General Manager of Majycc eSanté.

Boiler i-Virtual
Created in September 2014, i-Virtual is a start-up from Metz specialized in the image and data processing 
for everyday health and well-being.
Pioneer in its field, Gaël Constancin (CEO) and his team have developed a solution that remotely measures 
vital parameters with the camera of a laptop, smartphone or smart device. 
On its way to get a CE medical device, i-Virtual is doing a clinical study at the University Hospital of Nancy 
for its product, Caducy. 
Learn more https://i-virtual.fr/i-virtual/ - I-VIRTUAL

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Elaia is a European top-tier VC firm with a strong tech DNA. We back tech disruptors with global ambition from 
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We are proud to have been an active partner in over 100 startups including success stories such as Criteo (Nasdaq), 
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Shift Technology.
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