European partnership: Integration of a camera-based measurement of vital signs in a digital health platform


i-Virtual integrates its CE marked video-based Medical Device into the DaVinci Salute platform, for the benefit of patients and doctors.


The Italian digital health platform DaVinci Salute, part of the UNIPOL group, integrates the CE marked medical device for measuring physiological parameters (Heart Rate, Breathing Rate) by selfie developed by i-Virtual to improve remote clinical check-up. Patients using DaVinci Salute app can now easily monitor their vital signs contactless and communicate the results to DaVinci Salute healthcare professionals during consultations or they can simply take the measurement from the convenience of their home just as a piece of mind.

This is a major partnership that allows i-Virtual to continue to deploy its solution in Europe and enriches the services offered by DaVinci Salute to healthcare professionals and patient users. A revolution since this association of technical know-how participates in the disruption of the health system and helps to meet the current market challenges.


This partnership with DaVinci Salute is highly strategic for i-Virtual and validates the international interest of our solution for monitoring physiological parameters by selfie in telemedicine. By simplifying the remote measurement of vital signs, we aim at supporting DaVinci Salute in its mission to improve and simplify remote care.Gaël Constancin – CEO i-Virtual.


DaVinci Salute is providing extensive support to over 2,000 Italian family physicians and their respective patient populations. To date, the platform has been utilized by approximately 700,000 patients, with an impressive 40,000 users actively using the app. Furthermore, within the Lombardy Region, DaVinci Salute has introduced a groundbreaking program focused on the management of chronic diseases in Europe. This initiative has demonstrated remarkable outcomes, notably reducing emergency room admissions by 8.6% and hospitalizations by 5.4% for the 50,000 patients enrolled in the program.


Together with I-Virtual, we are exploring a future in which healthcare professionals can easily monitor their patients from home using a simple smartphone and no other devices—a highly scalable solution that can reach many more people than solutions requiring a physical device” says Stefano Casagrande, Co-CEO of DaVinci Salute. “Thanks to this transalpine partnership, we are able to take another step forward in creating a more accessible health care system in Italy: we empower patients to be actors of their own health and doctor’s to optimize the care management workflow while using our DaVinci Salute app.” adds Andrea Orani, Co-CEO of DaVinci Salute.


The shared ambition of the two companies is to establish a new form of remote care, using the best possible tools, within the reach of healthcare professionals and patients alike.