i-Virtual in the Jury’s hearts

At the prestigious Université de la e-santé Summer Camp in Castres, i-Virtual was awarded the Grand Prix du Jury. This prestigious award was presented to the i-Virtual team by Eric Ducournau (Pierre Fabre Group) in the presence of renowned tech, healthcare and innovation experts.


This award is a great source of satisfaction for iVirtual, and validates the growing importance of ehealth in our society. Not only has i-Virtual’s project been clinically validated, it has also been recognized by professionals who believe in its potential for the future of digital health.


E-health is a rapidly expanding field, and i-Virtual is positioning itself as a major player in this revolution. By combining the power of several technologies with the real needs of patients, the company is opening up new perspectives in healthcare. i-Virtual is pursuing its mission with determination, ready to shape the future of digital healthcare with its non-contact physiological parameters measurement device.