i-Virtual and Nouveal combine their technologies to optimize and democratize medical telemonitoring of patients.

A first in Europe in terms of medical telemonitoring: NOUVEAL’s multi-pathology telemonitoring platform integrates the Caducy by I-VIRTUAL solution for measuring physiological parameters by simple selfie.

Lyon – Metz, 28 April 2022 – A partnership to improve the patient experience and the efficiency of care: another success for ‘French IoT – La Poste’, which brought together Nouveal, a subsidiary of La Poste Santé, and i-Virtual, the winner of the programme.

The two editors of connected health software have a common objective: to act to make health more efficient and more accessible for all populations in all territories. The collaboration seemed inevitable.


A virtuous partnership for the benefit of caregivers and patients

The combination of the two solutions in the hands of patients will considerably secure the return and maintenance of patients at home. It is possible to imagine multiple cases of use, particularly for chronic pathologies such as respiratory insufficiency or cardiac insufficiency. The simplicity of measuring variables and the ability to record them will considerably modify the patient experience while facilitating medical practice.

A versatile solution for measuring physiological variables

Simply accessible via a webcam or camera (PC, smartphone or tablet), Caducy solution is less invasive than existing medical devices, less sensitive to temperature changes and requires no special knowledge of its proper use.

Caducy, already allows the measurement of 4 variables:

  • heart rate (HR),
  • respiratory rate (RR),
  • stress level
  • cardiac variability (HRV).

Current developments will soon enable us to measure blood pressure (BP) and oxygen saturation in the blood (SpO2).


A remote monitoring platform adapted to all pathologies

Accessible via the Internet for patients and healthcare professionals, Nouveal’s telemonitoring platform is adapted to all pathologies and facilitates medical cooperation and guides the patient step by step through each stage of his administrative and medical pathway via various services:

  • online pre-admission
  • cognitive preparation
  • remote medical monitoring
  • episodic and chronic care
  • town-hospital link


Regularly solicited through the sending of notifications of tasks to be accomplished, reminders of appointments, educational materials, checklists or medical questionnaires, the patient participates more in the good running of his therapeutic journey and can contribute positively to his care. For their part, caregivers can automate many tedious tasks and devote more medical time to the patients who need it most.


According to Guillaume Fayolle – CEO & co-founder of Nouveal:

i-Virtual’s Caducy solution facilitates the measurement and collection of multiple patient physiological parameters in a single operation, anywhere and anytime. It is therefore a valuable asset to assess the patient’s health status in case of sudden deterioration or on a routine basis.’


According to Gaël Constancin – CEO & co-founder of i-Virtual:

This partnership with Nouveal is highly strategic for i-Virtual and allows us to validate the interest of our solution for measuring physiological parameters by selfie in the context of remote patient monitoring. By simplifying real-life readings, we aim to accompany Nouveal in its mission to simplify uses and make access to health services more efficient.’


About i-Virtual

i-Virtual is creating the tools for the telemedicine of the future by allowing patients to measure their vital signs with a simple selfie. I-Virtual, which offers its Caducy solution, specialises in image and data processing for everyday health and wellbeing, turning any camera into a medical device. Caducy is the first European system for non-contact measurement of vital parameters using a camera.

Press contact: Myriam Benfatto – myriam.benfatto@i-virtual.fr

About Nouveal

Nouveal is a leading player in the French medical telemonitoring market. As a subsidiary of La Poste Santé, its telemonitoring platform, adapted to all pathologies, has been chosen by several major players in the public and private hospital sector for their projects, such as Gustave Roussy, the Brest CHRU, the AP-HP, or the Ramsay Santé and HGO groups.

Press contact: Michael Ponderant – mponderant@nouveal.com