CNES and MEDES supports i-Virtual into space for astronauts’ health

As manned space missions to the Moon and Mars continue, managing the health of astronauts becomes complex. Astronauts face many challenges in their hostile environment, and have no immediate access to medical specialists on Earth.


That’s where i-Virtual comes in! Our contactless physiological parameter measurement solution won the CNES challenge for the “digital twin of astronaut health“.

By harnessing data directly from astronauts, i-Virtual will be able to anticipate physiological changes, identify potential health risks and test medical strategies. This disruptive technology guarantees personalized care and health maintenance for astronauts during their isolated missions in space.


At i-Virtual, we are committed to pushing back the boundaries of space technology and healthcare innovation. Our mission is to support healthcare professionals on earth, but also to bridge the gap between terrestrial healthcare and the unique challenges of space.