i-Virtual announces its first participative financing campaign with Tudigo. 


To accelerate its development, i-Virtual, specialized in the contactless measurement of physiological variables, is raising €600,000 in partnership with Tudigo, a community investment platform! 


Tudigo: a financing and investment platform specializing in high-impact projects   

2 years after its first fund-raising (2.5 million from Elaia Partners and Majycc e-santé), i-Virtual has decided to make it possible for anyone to become a shareholder, and has turned to the Tudigo platform to achieve this. 


i-Virtual’s capital is now open to the public from July 31, 2023   

Thanks to this fund-raising, i-Virtual aims to strengthen its growth in France and in international markets, including R&D work on a unique contactless, cuffless blood pressure measurement technology, which would be added to the other variables already measured by the medical device on offer (heart rate, respiratory rate, heart rate variability and stress level). 

From July 31, 2023, you can pre-register to invest before the public opening in August. 


Invest in i-Virtual  

Investing in i-Virtual means taking an active part in an entrepreneurial adventure focused on the clinical examination of the future, from a minimum investment of €1,000. 


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